Questionnaires - Swedish

the SENOMAC trial - download your questionnaires here (Swedish)!

In the SENOMAC trial, questionnaires concerning health-related quality of life, arm morbidity and function, and health economy are distributed at baseline and after 1, 3, 5 and 10 years. For downloading the correct questionnaire to use at a specific follow-up, please use the documents provided under each subheading. For copies of EQ5D, please contact your CRO.

Please note that questionnaires which are not marked with the participant's individual patient number and the date of completion cannot be assigned to the correct individual and time point, making the participant's answers useless. Therefore, always mark the questionnaire with the correct patient number before handing it over or posting it to the participant, and remind the participant to fill in the date of completion!

Return envelopes are addressed to the Bröstcentrum at Capio S:t Göran's Hospital, Mariebergsporten 2, 11219 Stockholm, att: SENOMAC.


EORTC-C30 baseline svenska

EORTC-B23 baseline svenska

Lymph-ICF baseline svenska


EORTC-C30 1FU svenska

EORTC-B23 1FU svenska

Lymph-ICF 1FU svenska


EORTC-C30 3FU svenska

EORTC-B23 3FU svenska

Lymph-ICF 3FU svenska


EORTC-C30 5FU svenska

EORTC-B23 5FU svenska

Lymph-ICF 5FU svenska


EORTC-C30 10FU svenska

EORTC-B23 10FU svenska

Lymph-ICF 10FU svenska